Entrepreneurs Guide to Strategic Web Design

The internet gives us an amazing opportunity to reach vast numbers of people across the globe. New opportunities abound for entrepreneurs that have great ideas but little money for start-up. If you understand the importance of interactive marketing and proper keyword utilization then you are even closer to having a web site that can help you grow your business and make money.

Most smart business owners and entrepreneurs know that when it comes to web development, a well-planned strategy is crucial. Strategic web design is necessary in order to keep the development on schedule and to be certain you get the most out of your web design options.

Strategic and creative branding, effective web applications, interactive viral marketing campaigns and online marketing are all important parts of your online business. It is important to leave a lasting impression on your site’s visitors and customers. By having a site that is engaging you are ensuring the people visit and revisit your site.

Basic web pages and blogs are easy for some to navigate and put together. However, design that incorporates attention grabbing bold features and shopping carts is often best left to the pros. Before you contact an offshore development center or design professional, be certain that you are clear in your mind on the three criteria below that are important for a strategic web design.

Company Logo

If you don’t already have a company logo, then include the development of one in your strategic web design process. Web designers are able to access software that can easily develop your perfect logo if needed. A logo is an important identifier for your company and helps to brand your business. Often people trademark their logo before they ever go live with a web site. Often a logo will need to be in place prior to the web development process starts because a lot of the look and feel of the site will be created to be cohesive with the logo.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is an important part of any web site in that much of the sites’ written content will be formulated around it. Some mission statements are brief (as short as one sentence) and specific; others are long, general, and involved. An effective mission statement describes the main purpose of your online business. It explains what you do, why you do it, and who benefits from what you have to offer. This allows customers to learn about the product being sold and determine if it would benefit them. The most powerful ideas are the ones that have the customer in mind.

Easily Modified Layout

An important part of strategic web design is to develop a site that is easily changed. A stagnant site is breathless and can lead to a dormant business. Everything from the sites’ layout to the content must be changeable. Keeping the site continuously updated and fresh will keep people coming back and also help it to rank better with search engines.

Since change will be a constant for your successful online business, make sure an effective content management system (CMS) is part of your strategic web design. Entrepreneurs that lack technical knowledge can have a CMS implemented which helps them to continuously evolve their sites’ content and presentation.